Frustrated by Neurodiversity? LiFT Can Help!

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Frustration is defined as the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Neurodiversity is defined as the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits.

As a parent, loved-one, caretaker, teacher, employee, employer, student, or any other person who has been touched by neurodiversity- or maybe you are reading this today as neurodiverse individual yourself- we are all familiar with the feeling described above.

Frustration can leave you angry because you feel stuck or don’t know how to proceed. It can also leave you, disappointed because you don’t know what next step to take, or hopeless because you may feel like no one really understands. Have you been there? Can you relate?

Well, if anyone understands that feeling, it is me. The author of this blog post and the coordinator of the Sandi Lynn Geller Memorial Family Resource Center (FRC). As a mom of three children, two of which have neurodiversity, I am all too familiar with the frustration of not knowing how to help, not knowing where to find that help, not knowing how to respond, and not having access to proper resources to help. I didn’t know what my babies needed to be the best version of themselves, and I needed tools to help equip me so I could be the best version of me for them.

Well, that part about helping is here… and this is where the FRC comes in. The FRC is a program proudly sponsored by Learning Independence for Tomorrow (LiFT), a nonprofit organization specializing in the education of students living with neurodiversity in Tampa Bay for over 8 years. LiFT’s founders, Kim Kuruzovich and Keli Mondello had a vision. Inspired by their daughters, they set out to create an inclusive and accepting school environment where children with special needs, autism, ADHD, and more would be free from bullying, so they would have the peace to learn and grow. They knew there was an opportunity in Tampa Bay to support neurodiverse students in academics, life-skills, and career readiness and they saw the need and acted.

Keli, personally, aided my family in alleviating the frustrations we dealt with by giving us direction, support, and helping us find answers to so many of our questions. It freed, informed, inspired and gave us hope for our future. I hope to pay forward that tradition through this FRC for each of you.

At LiFT our motto is: Change a Life; Change the World. That is my hope and ultimate goal for every person that comes to this site. I hope we will be able to change your life by easing the frustrations you may be feeling by providing community partners who can offer support- whether that’s therapeutic, medical, educational, social, or other needs. I hope you will find motivation, encouragement, and support through the videos, articles, and blogs you’ll find here. We want to offer meaningful supports through the services and events we will share on our calendar.

I invite you, to look through our current partners, check out our events calendar, and if you don’t see what you need, please don’t hesitate to request info about a specific resource or service you’ve been looking for here.

If you have a recommendation, or would you like to join us as one of our community partners, please fill out this form here.

Frustration doesn’t have to hold you captive anymore when it comes to you serving, loving, and engaging with the neurodiverse superheroes in your life. We hope to provide you with the resources and support you need so you can have a better handle on what to do, how to do it and how to move forward in your best possible life.

I’m excited to partner with you and look forward to changing the world together!