July Resource: ABA Solutions

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ABA Solutions provides applied behavior analysis assessments and therapies to address difficult behaviors, and any associated social, emotional or learning challenges. Our therapists work closely with parents, caregivers and teachers to instill adaptive skills, maximize potential and bring constructive, enduring change. A behavior analyst will meet with you in your home, school, or community setting to assess and address the learning, social, and emotional challenges.

Together, we will create an individualized plan that’s geared toward your child’s goals and alleviate any challenging behaviors they may be facing. Your therapist will work with you to introduce new skills, model new behaviors, and bring ABA lessons into everyday life.

At Lift Academy, our focus is set on how we can best support the wellbeing of our clients, caregivers, and teachers. The ABA Solutions Team is in constant communication with Lift’s staff and the parents of our clients which helps facilitate a more inclusive and consistent approach to therapy. We believe that a supportive environment and consistent approach to therapeutic practices are conducive to long lasting, positive behavior change. Over the summer, we provide a social skills program on Lift’s campus for all students receiving services from our company. This program is designed to focus on building social skills, maintaining momentum from the school year over the summer, and giving our clients the independence they need to have a successful transition back to school. Unlike traditional summer school or camps, your child will have a dedicated therapist who will work with them one-on-one to help facilitate progress toward their goals.

For more information, please contact Joshua Wright at josh@abasolutionsinc.com and check out our website at abasolutionsinc.com.