We’re Here For You

The Sandi Lynn Geller Memorial Family Resource Center (Family Resource Center, FRC) is a community-based, family-focused, inclusive platform that provides programs and services based on the growing needs of families in our community and beyond living with neurodiversity.

Here, you will have access to community partners ready to offer you and your neurodiverse loved-one support through a variety of resources, valuable information that can assist you in daily life, and empowerment through events to help you and your neurodiverse loved-one thrive!

How Can the Family Resource Center Help You?

We are looking to expand our resources for our families.

Please let us know which community partners (such as doctors, therapists, counselors, specialists, etc.) have positively impacted you and your family.

Why? Because other families may be looking for that exact same support that has revolutionized life for your family. What an opportunity to support our community and make it stronger together!

Are you looking for information to help you better understand, interact, or assist your neurodiverse loved-one?

Has the Family Resource Center helped you or your family? We want to hear how!

Success Stories Coming Soon!