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Shine Bright This New Year: How to Manage Burnout, Be Productive, and Shine in 2023

Bene Brown is known for saying, “If you don’t want to burnout- stop living like you’re on fire.” This quote makes me chuckle, but as a caregiver for a neurodiverse loved one, I’m sure we’ve all had moments where you may feel like you’re running around on fire. If you’re like me, you’ve also realized […]

Tools to Parent and Care Give Positively

As we say hello to October we also want to greet you- the amazing caregivers to the neurodiverse in your life. Whether you are a parent, guardian, friend, teacher, therapist, supporter, or service provider to those living with neurodiveristy, we want to acknowledge you. As we enter fall we notice the changing colors and you, […]

Neurodiversity Awareness: Inclusion for All

Neurodiversity has been defined as the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits, that falls outside societal standards of typical. The image below does a great job breaking it down. The shares that, Although there is broad diversity across the population, some individuals have neurological variations that make it particularly challenging […]

What’s Love Got to Do with It?! How Self-Care Can Help You Love the Neurodiverse in Your Life Better

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, I thought we’d spend a little time talking about how loving ourselves can help us love the neurodiverse in our world better! How you may be wondering? Through the practice of self-care. When you hear those words, what comes to mind? Are you successfully implementing it into every day? Do […]

A New Year, A Fresh Start: How Setting and Accomplishing Goals Can Impact Neurodiversity in 2022

Happy New Year! I love the new year, because it provides such an awesome opportunity to start over, re-evaluate what I want life to look like, revisit the things that aren’t working, and continue with the things that are! Who doesn’t love a fresh start?  Last year is done. I encourage you to take time […]