Resource Spotlight of the Month: Olive Health & Specially Fit Foundation

RS OH and SFF Header Image

Hi Families,

My name is Yvette Guzman and I’m Chief Operating Officer at Olive Health.

What makes us unique? We are a mobile health organization and come to you at no extra cost. We accept all forms of insurance, and we treat everyone as a VIP.

Our healthcare team is making the neurodiverse and disabled community a priority! We come to you and provide primary care, medication management, medication refills, in home blood work, and Special Olympic Physicals.

Could you or someone you know benefit from our services? Call us at 813.389.9474 or find us online at

Mark Oliver, co-founder of Olive Health, and I realized the need for a mobile medical option after our time working together at Specially Fit Foundation.

Mark launched Specially Fit Foundation in 2018 and it is one-of-a-kind organization that provides opportunities for individuals with special needs and neurodiversity to experience exercise, team sports, and socialization events that would have never been available to them without Mark’s vision.

He also coordinated providing residential services, companion services, healthcare services, most recently animal therapy and more with a large focus on community involvement and integration. He is a fierce advocate for the special needs community and pushes the limits of what is possible for these individuals by creating opportunities for them that are new and innovative. Click the link above get all the information!

We look forward to connecting with you!