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Movement with Meaning is a private Pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) Practice founded in 2015 by Vanessa Fox, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist Registered/Licensed. Their OT’s work with neurodiverse children ages 1-18 and their families to improve their mind-body connection to overcome challenges. Movement with Meaning helps children refine skills and overcome challenges with emotional regulation, sensory & reflex integration, strength and coordination, and executive functioning. When children & their families work with this organization, they make sustainable changes in a supportive and fun space, while working on skills that challenge them by using a blend of trauma-informed, holistic, and evidence-based approaches with a belief in neuroplasticity (the brain can learn at any age).

Parents who may be feeling stuck or lost in what to do or what methods to use to help their child can contact Movement with Meaning to help find clarity by asking, “If you could wave a magic wand and help your child with one thing, what would it be?” This begins the process of creating small sustainable goals, which Movement with Meaning can then build on to create big, meaningful changes.

Pediatric OT’s are experts in breaking down steps of a task and there is no one right way to be a parent or a child. There is only the way that works best for you, your child, and your family. Movement with Meaning’s is focuses on helping children and their families find what works best for them.

If you have questions about how to use these guiding principles with your child or you need additional help, your favorite OT’s at Movement with Meaning are here to help.

For more information email or call 813-448-2858.