November Resource Spotlight: Mindful Movement


Hi there,

The theme for the month is Refresh, Restore, Re-Energize for the Holidays and Mindful Movements creates the space for that to happen!!

Mindful Movement takes a 360-degree approach to helping individuals become their most well-balanced, educated, and healthy selves. We lead with a holistic approach and our mission is to serve adults and youth from underserved communities without access to this type of health information.

Our programs focus on and consist of classes that teach beginning and advanced yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and positive affirmations. The goal is for clients to discover their physical and mental strength in order to better understand and harness long-term self-improvement. Health is wealth!

Mindful Movement sessions also incorporate reading materials and structured curricula that provide rigorous and thought-provoking dialogue.

We partner with organizations like St. Pete Parks and Recreations Therapeutic Division and provide our classes to the neurodiverse and special needs population.

If you and your child are looking for an opportunity to join a class. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Mindful Movements today.

Email them for more information at and check out their website for their class schedules and to learn more of their services and partnerships.