Forms for You

Check out the forms below. They cover a plethora of topics that we believe you and your neurodiverse loved ones can benefit from. Have a suggestion? Click here to send it in so we can add it to our list!

Pinellas Support Team Image

The Pinellas Support Team offers free counseling, support, and tutoring services for families who qualify. Click on the link to find out more and access the referral form here.

Guardian Advocacy Image

Do you have questions about what you need to know to be a guardian advocate for the neurodiverse in your life, but don’t know your legal rights or what’s required? Get all the info in this document.


Did you or your young loved one recently get diagnosed with autism? This amazing handbook will help you determine next steps and better understand this neurodiversity.

100 Day Kit School Age Cover_0

Did you or your school-aged loved one recently get diagnosed with autism? This amazing handbook will help you determine next steps and better understand this neurodiversity.


Are you an adult that recently got diagnosed with autism? This amazing handbook will help you determine next steps and better understand this neurodiversity.

Positive Education Planning Image

Curious how to help your neurodiverse loved-one be seen for more than just his differences when speaking to teachers and school staff? Check this out!! It’ll really help.

Health Form Image

Medical professionals have very limited time to gather important information during medical appointments. FCIC’s My Health Report has been designed with feedback from family physicians to help individuals and family caregivers give relevant health information as efficiently as possible. By completing this information and sharing it with your doctor, it will help him/her determine why you are feeling sick. It also helps to free up more time for communication, and discussion of what treatment options are available to address your health issue.

JWB Help for Families Image

Could you use support for different needs for your family in Pinellas County? Click here to learn more about how the JWB is looking to help families with rent assistance, utility bills, groceries, child care, etc.

Executive Function Worksheet Image

Could your child benefit from Executive Functioning support? Check out this form for ways to help them grow and thrive. What is Executive Functioning? It’s the group of complex mental processes and cognitive abilities (such as working memory, impulse inhibition, and reasoning) that control the skills (such as organizing tasks, remembering details, managing time, and solving problems) required for goal-directed behavior.

Wallet Card App Image

Could your loved-one benefit from a card that they can use to help them safely interact with law enforcement? Click here to learn more about the Wallet Card Project and apply for one.

IEP Parents Guide Image

A guide to help parents navigate and prepare for an Individual Education Plan (IEP) Meeting. What’s an IEP?  It is a plan that teachers and parents develop to help a child with learning disorders and other types of disabilities succeed in school. Think of it like a road map: It establishes where your child is in their learning journey, where you’d like them to end up at the end of a school year, and steps to help them get there.

DART form

DART (Guide linked here) is a transportation program that will take riders 6 years and older to their destination.  Mobility on Demand is a program of DART which makes transportation possible for people with specific needs. Partnering with ride-sharing companies, it allows riders to book a trip at a moment’s notice for only $3.50. So, it’s like Lyft or Uber for those with neurodiversity. Fill out the form here and then call (727) 540-1888 to get registered so you can start making reservations!

Health Passport Image

FCIC’s My Health Passport is a health advocacy document that describes the unique supports and preferences of an individual. It is designed to be shared with many types of healthcare providers, in clinic and hospital settings, especially for those who are not very familiar in providing care to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Hard copies of My Health Passports are currently available, and can be ordered free of charge by contacting Dr. Liz Perkins or (813) 974-7076. The forms are also available to be downloaded for free here.


This guide assists families and students to understand the process of preparing for transition in schools starting at age 14. Updated information on the rules applying to the 2014 revision on diploma options and graduation should be referred to: