Special Needs Movie Screening

Event Details

Date: April 23, 2022
Time: 11am-1pm
Location: Various Locations
Event Link: https://helpusgather.org/event/screening/2022-04-23/

Event Description

This event is hosted by Studio Movie Grill

A pillar of SMG’s Outreach since 2001, our monthly Special Needs Screenings are designed for families with special needs. Special Needs Screenings are shown with the lights up and the volume lowered and guests are free to move around, talk, or even dance in the aisles during the movie.

The sensory-friendly screenings are free for children with special needs and their siblings. Adult tickets are available at the before-noon price.

Special Needs Screenings are shown at 11:00 am at all SMG locations except EpiCentre. Parental guidance is always suggested.

For upcoming movies and tickets, click here.