Joy Rides Dunedin

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Date: May 17, 2022
Time: 9-11am
Location: First Presbyterian Church Dunedin 455 Scotland Street Dunedin, FL
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Event Description

This event is hosted by Joy Rides Dunedin

Joy Rides Dunedin is an outreach of the First Presbyterian Church providing free rickshaw outings around Dunedin for any & all senior residents and individuals with disabilities.

Loneliness and social isolation are common among individuals with disabilities. In fact, clinical studies have shown that social and recreational therapies can be as effective as prescription drugs at reducing depressive symptoms. That’s why Joy Rides Dunedin offers safe, guided, leisurely rickshaw tours around the Dunedin community and the Pinellas Trail, enabling riders to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, sea breezes, and coastal scenery of the area, and to engage socially with each other, neighbors, and other trail users.

How to Ride: Individuals with special needs and a guest can take rickshaw rides on Tuesday mornings from the parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin, located at 455 Scotland Street. Passengers must complete the guest information forms before the first ride and find transportation to and from the church. To schedule a Joy Ride, call the First Presbyterian Church office at (727) 733-2318 or email

About: Rickshaw rides provide a fun, relaxing way to get out of the house, meet new people and explore beautiful downtown Dunedin and the Pinellas Trail. Individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities are invited to try out Joy Rides Dunedin. The rickshaw holds two adults comfortably and has two seatbelts. It also features a foot ramp that lowers to the ground so riders can easily get on and off the rickshaw. Individuals in wheelchairs can ride the rickshaw, as long as they are accompanied by another person who can help them into the rickshaw seat.

Every rickshaw ride is supported by an escort cyclist on a conventional bike, who assists the rickshaw guide with safe crossings at intersections, communicating with trail users, pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, and controlling the flow of traffic around the rickshaw when riding on streets. The support escort can also assist in the event of a minor mechanical problem with the rickshaw, or help push the rickshaw out through a tight turn or loose surface.

Learn more about Joy Rides Dunedin at and watch a news feature about Joy Rides here.